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Canadian UAS/UAV* Aerial Photography & Video
service providers and other resources

  These organizations provide UAS/UAV based low altitude aerial photography & video services and claim to operate within Transport Canada's SFOC regulations.

  • This listing is for your convenience. We are not affiliated with or endorse these service providers in any way.

  • To be included in this list please send us an Don't forget to include your location, contact information and a link to your web site. If you have a small logo or a brief description you'd like to include with your listing, please feel free to send them with your request. All requests will be reviewed before being included.

  • Are you a Canadian insurance broker or representative? Does your company offer coverage for this type of business? If you do, send us an and we'll include your information on this page.

* Transport Canada prefers to call them UAS or Unmanned Aircraft Systems since that definition includes the aircraft, base station, related equipment, software and ground crew.

» Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) & Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) are now (Jan '12) the terms preferred for usage by ICAO [instead of unmanned aircraft (UA) & unmanned aircraft system (UAS)]. There's no telling how long it'll take for these changes work their way through the system.

  Although I am not longer actively involved in the UAV aerial photography business I intend to keep this site online as a resource for those of you that are interested in UAV/UAS technology and applications. In case you're wondering why I decided to exit the UAV AP business... it was a tough decision but it was based upon dwindling demand for this type of service in this area at the time.
» April 2016: I've noticed a recent surge in interest regarding affordable low altitude UAV based aerial photography. It looks like I was ahead of the curve on this technology by about 6 years. And before anyone asks, I don't have any plans to reenter this market (been there, done that, got the T-shirt).

Your time:    UTC time:

  The team at the National Research Council (NRC) of Canada has built up an interactive UAV Site Selection tool that can help Canadian UAV operators select flying sites away from aerodromes and built-up areas within Canada.
  If you're planning on flying your UAV in Canada, this could be a helpful tool for you to reference while planning your flight. Input the latitude and longitude of the location that you are looking to fly within to find airport/aerodrome contact information, airport management, radio details and more. For more information and to access the map, visit the interactive map on the NRC's website.

  Recent Transport Canada news releases:

View news releases in a larger window.


alberta canada logo spacer Alberta Canada - Economic Development Website
Alberta's Robotics and Unmanned Vehicle Systems Industry

aon logo spacer Aon Risk Solutions (Aviation Speciality Group) - Calgary
Contact: Ron Campbell (403.267.7735)
Website: www.aon.ca
Email: ron.campbell@aon.ca
  We have access to all the domestic markets as well as Lloyd's of London. Offer tailored insurance solutions covering all business coverages from small to large companies.

The Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems (CCUVS) in Medicine Hat, Alberta. spacer Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems - Medicine Hat
Website: www.ccuvs.com

  Their Civil and Commercial UAS Safety Training Course provides training in all aspects of commercial UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) operations:

 • It involves approximately 20 hours of pre-course, private study using materials supplied by CCUVS, a day of confirmatory training by a Transport Canada approved instructor, in-house testing to confirm the level of knowledge and a radio telephony course to train users to talk to air traffic controllers and other airspace users.
 • This is followed by the practical phase with 2 days of ground school and 3 days of practical flight, which covers system components, system management and operation, flight file preparation, flight simulation, flight file uploading, safety check routines, flying missions, downloading flight files, post flight safety procedures and post flight data analysis.

chartis logo spacer Chartis Remote Sensing Solutions - Calgary
Contact: Randy Hudson
Website: www.chartisrss.com
Email: randy@chartisrss.com
  Chartis Remote Sensing offer a market leading managed service using cutting edge Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for aerial photography, inspections, mapping and surveys. Our national service delivers high quality, cost effective unmanned aerial solutions across industries where safety, speed, efficiency and accuracy are critical.

clear blue photo logo spacer Clear Blue Photo - Calgary
Contact: Darryl MacDonald (403.909.9309)
Website: www.clearbluephoto.com
Email: darryl@clearbluephoto.com
  Clear Blue Photo is a small Calgary based company run by photographer Darryl MacDonald. With over 25 years in the industry Darryl has gone from darkroom to digital always staying at the forefront of technology while maintaining a strong passion for creating powerful and unique images. Professional photographers and experienced pilots work together to provide stills and 4K video at a fraction of the cost of traditional aerial imaging. Fully insured and licensed we use the latest quad copters available to ensure the highest quality of production. Great for commercials, film industry, construction industry, real estate marketing, golf courses even indoor and outdoor tours of large facilities.

jzaerial logo spacer JZAerial - Calgary
Contact: Jan Zalud
Website: www.jzaerial.com
Email: jzalud@jzaerial.com
  JZAERIAL provide cost-effective high-resolution, geo-referenced aerial images on-demand to central and southern Alberta. Our photography is ideal for low altitude aerial imagery of areas twenty acres and greater in size.
  Jan Zalud holds the Civil and Commercial Unmanned Aerial Systems Safety Training Certificate from the Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems (CCUVS) in Medicine Hat, Alberta, and a Restricted Operator Certificate with Aeronautical Application (ROC-A) from Industry Canada.

skyeye logo spacer Skyeye Unmanned Aerial Systems
Contact: Jeff Perron (403.771.2393)
Website: www.skyeye-uas.com
Email: jeff@skyeye-uas.com
  Skyeye is a Calgary based business serving all of Canada, providing commercial aerial services using remotely piloted small unmanned aerial systems/vehicle (UAS/UAV) for aerial filming, inspections and other uses.
  We have 30+ professional years of demonstrated success in adopting and implementing new technologies throughout various industries across Canada. We take pride in our work and our job satisfaction comes from our satisfied customers who continue to use our services. The relationships we have developed and the trust of our returning customers is one of the biggest compliments one can receive.

uavimaging logo spacer UAV Imaging
Contact: Jason Field (587.532.9000)
Website: www.uavimaging.com
Email: mail@uavimaging.com
  UAV Imaging is the premiere aerial photography and video service in western Canada. We specialize in promotional production for real estate, golf course/resort and corporate marketing. We also service the oil and gas, insurance and construction industries providing mapping, inspection and surveying solutions. UAV Imaging is in compliance with Transport Canada regulations and emphasizes safety and professionalism in all operations.

British Columbia

accuas logo spacer Accuas
Contact: Scott D. McTavish (866.929.5580 x301)
Website: www.accuas.com
Email: info@accuas.com
  Accuas are known as the leader and world's first commercial UAS service provider, focusing on aerial surveying and remote sensing projects up to 20km2. We provide on demand, on budget, aerial imagery and topographic terrain data that exceeds the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Class 1 Mapping Standards. To date, Accuas has flown over 500 surveys for all leading aggregate, engineering, mining, oil/gas, government and waste management clients across Canada. Our services are safe, affordable and extremely accurate. Accuas UAS crews are located across the country to better serve you. We operate in BC, AB, SK, ON, QC and the north.

avroins logo spacer AVRO Insurance Managers Ltd
Contact: David Blair (800.796.2876)
Website: www.avroins.com
Email: david@avroins.com
  AVRO is a Canadian aviation insurance wholesaler which specializes in Aviation insurance. AVRO is able to shop around to the various insurance companies and Lloyd's underwriters who provide UAV coverage and tailor the coverage to your specific needs.

big sky cam logo spacer Big Sky Cam
Contact: Andy Horka (778.858.6197)
Website: www.bigskycam.com
Email: andy@bigskycam.com
  Big Sky Cam is a Vancouver, BC based company offering aerial photography and videography services. We specialize in real estate and television but our craft are perfect for any aerial photography needs. All projects are conducted under our open SFOC and we are insured.

capri insurance logo spacer Capri Insurance
Contact: Calvin Reich (877.272.2774)
Website: www.capri.ca
Email: creich@capri.ca
  We are an insurance broker with experience and market connections for UAV service providers. We have facilities for smaller commercial operations and larger multi team operations. Our solutions provide Liability and Property (on ground only). Although located in BC our brokerage is licensed in every Province except Quebec.

Guardian UAV Services Canada logo spacer Guardian UAV Services Canada
Website: www.guardianuavs.com
Email: info@guardianuavs.com

  We are Guardian UAV Services Canada, we provide the following services for Canada wide and are based in British Columbia.Our UAVs are no emissions with low operating costs.
 • Fire/Search & Rescue  • Precision Agriculture  • Border Patrol  • Pipeline Security
 • Aerial Surveillance  • Aerial Photography  • Education

Suavair logo spacer SuavAir: Aerial Photography + Videography on Vancouver Island
Website: www.suavair.com
Email: info@suavair.com
  SuavAir safely uses drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), to capture low elevation aerial imagery around Vancouver Island. Our ability to digitally capture both photographs and videos from new heights and angles provides endless opportunities for a variety of applications. We produce high quality, geo-referenced aerial photography, and videography for the Forest and Real Estate industries. We also specialize in producing high resolution maps and 3D models.

New Brunswick

awm drone services logo spacer AWM Drone Services (Millville)
Contact: Adam McConaghy (506.575.4104)
Website: www.awmdroneservices.ca
Email: adam@awmdroneservices.ca
  AWM Drone Services uses FPV (First Person View) technology to do aerial videography, photography, construction site monitoring and civil engineering like it has never been done before. The services we offer can take you places you've never been or provide a new perspective on those you already love, a perspective that couldn't be achieved even from a private charter plane or helicopter tour. We tailor and customize each service to fulfill your aerial video and photography needs with a passion you will not find elsewhere.

Nova Scotia

Spectra71 Video Production logo spacer Spectra71 Video Production Inc.
Contact: Patrick Lanctot (416.433.9068)
Website: spectra71.productions
Email: spectra71@outlook.com
  Spectra71 offers fully insured and fully compliant commercial UAV services in most regions of Canada. We have blanket Special Flight Operations Certificates from Transport Canada (as required by law) for all regions in Canada with the exception of Quebec and B.C.
  We currently operate a DJI Inspire 1 with the X5R 4K Raw camera and can also supply a Freefly Alta with a Movi for heavy lifts (Arri, RED, Blackmagic, Kinefinity etc.).

terrane logo spacer Terrane Aerial Mapping (Halifax)
Contact: Tony Gilman (902.210.5182)
Website: www.terraneaerial.com
Email: tgilman@terraneaerial.com
  With operations in Fredericton (NB) and Halifax (NS). Terrane offers the following applications: Geology and Exploration, Open Pit Mines & Quarries, Infrastructure, Forestry, Agriculture, Environmental Surveys & Hydrology and Search & Rescue.


aerophotos logo spacer Aero-Photos
Contact: Mike (613.749.7915)
Website: www.aero-photos.ca
Email: mikeve@aero-photos.ca
  We provide UAV Services such as aerial photography/videography, inspections and mapping using small Unmanned Air Vehicles (sUAVs - 25 kg or less) to carry out our missions to maximize efficiency and responsiveness at the same time as minimizing the impact on the environment from noise and emissions. All our missions are carried out in accordance with our Standing SFOC issued by Transport Canada for both Ontario and Quebec to minimize response time.
  If you need training, we can provide both ground school and flight training. Our Chief Pilot has over 40 years as a commercial pilot for manned aircraft and he has designed a run many ground school programs.
  We can also help you get your own SFOC. Our templates and experience executing difficult operations will help you get your first SFOC approved in the shortest time possible.

Ag Business logo spacer Ag Business & Crop Inc.
Contact: Felix Weber (519.343.5454)
Website: www.agbusiness.ca
Email: uas@agbusiness.ca
  Ag Business & Crop Inc. is a consulting firm using a variety of light weight UAS/UAV's to collect information/data. We have been a service provider since 2011 with the necessary permits working on a wide range of projects that use a variety of cameras and sensors to give the client a finished product.
  ABC also is the distributor for SenseFly UAS/UAV's in the Eastern Canadian market for all industries and the entire Canadian Agricultural market. Ease of use, high quality, safety and quick turnaround signify the SenseFly products and the results from using these units.

canada brokerlink logo spacer Canada Brokerlink Insurance (offices in Alberta & Ontario)
Website: www.brokerlink.ca
  Their Commercial Insurance Broker in the Thunder Bay office was very helpful when I needed an insurance policy for my Draganfly X6 system. Just a FYI, the policy I had was liability only and damage to my equipment was not covered.

ckmm logo spacer ckmm|photographic
Contact: Mike Campbell (416.948.8281)
Website: www.ckmmphotographic.ca
Email: mac@ckmmphotographic.ca
  ckmm | photographic is a full service photography and videography production house, with expertise in commercial and corporate as well as aerial photo and video production for clients located in the GTHA area of Southern Ontario. We have been working with clients since 2008.
  ckmm | photographic has also been involved in several special projects in the aviation photographic and video graphic space, including the flight of the Aerovelo "Snowbird" as well as the Human Powered Aircraft "Atlas" as part of the successful attempt at the Igor I. Sikorsky Human Powered Helicopter Competition.
  We offer both traditional video and photographic services in the Greater Toronto Aera and, since 2014, have been providing UAV Aerial photography and videography as a new innovative service to allow our clients to add a more distinctive look to their projects. We have provided commercial and corporate photography and videography services for our diverse set of clients.

drone delivery canada logo spacer Drone Delivery Canada
Website: www.dronedeliverycanada.com
Twitter: @DroneDeliveryCa
YouTube: DDC featured on BNN - Dec 5/16
AUVSI News: Drone Delivery Canada becomes first drone delivery company in Canada to complete BVLOS test flights - Jun 7/17
BNN: Rural Canada may get food, medical supplies at much lower costs using drones - Nov 23/17
  Drone Delivery Canada, is a pioneering technology firm based out of Toronto, Ontario Canada with a focus on designing, developing and implementing a commercially viable drone delivery system within the Canadian geography.
  Our group consists of highly seasoned technology professionals who have successfully built, owned and operated technology ventures in the Canadian marketplace.

eye in the sky logo spacer Eye In The Sky Photography
Contact: Herman Koeslag (705.739.1395)
Website: www.eyeinsky.ca
Email: info@eyeinthesky.ca
  Do you have multiple sites nationally? Relax!! You do not have to look any further, We have researched and developed a national certified team of professional aerial photographers that are ready to service and handle all of your national property interests. Centralizing through us can take the headache out of dealing with multiple accounts from province to province, saving you time and money. Call us today for details.
  Need a current geo referenced high resolution image of your property for planning and development but don't have the large budget?
  Whatever your scope of work, whether 10 acres, 100 acres or 5000 acres we can make it happen in a timely manner.

hummingbird logo spacer Hummingbird Aerial Productions
Contact: Darren Clarke (647.849.3347)
Website: Hummingbird on FaceBook
Email: uavpilot@outlook.com
  Receive smooth and steady videos at a birds-eye view from hummingbird aerial productions. We provide unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) photography and video drones services throughout the GTA/Ontario, area. It's important for us to provide the safest services because we always do constant maintenance and safety checks on all our missions. With months of training, research in this dynamic industry has allowed us to understand the needs of our clients, and provide professional aerial solutions.
  Our photography services specialize in business marketing and promotion work, rural and urban real estate, resort and lifestyle including special weather shots.

kaspi logo spacer Kaspi Films
Contact: Chris (905.429.9536)
Website: www.kaspi.ca
Email: chris@kaspi.ca
  Helicopter/Drone photography and video.

ottawa drone services logo spacer Ottawa Drone Services
Contact: Peter (613.435.3846)
Website: www.ottawadroneservices.com
Email: info@ottawadroneservices.com
  The latest in drone technology opens the door to countless applications for us to provide you with stunning aerial videos and photos. While we specialize in several specific markets, we can provide professional solutions to suit your custom needs.
  Ottawa Drone Services is Transport Canada compliant. We can offer timely low-altitude aerial photo and video services. Some applications may require a Special Flight Operation Certificate (SFOC) from Transport Canada (TC). We have a good standing with TC for SFOC requests and have been approved many times. Ottawa Drone Services has an incident-free flight record and we pride ourselves in putting safety above all.

gps group logo spacer The GPS Group
Contact: Mike Agnes
Website: www.gpsgroup.ca
Email: agnes@gpsgroup.ca
  The GPS Group specializes in custom image processing services for UAV / drone operators who are looking for a higher standard of accuracy for their terrain and orthoimagery products. We use advanced photogrammetric software solutions that provide high accuracy geospatial layers that add value to your projects and those of your customers. We offer value added products such as DSMs, NDVI, contours and volumetrics, delivered in various formats for your CAD or GIS platforms. We also offer consulting and managed services to help you maximize the return on your UAS investment.

sky guys logo spacer The Sky Guys
Website: www.theskyguys.ca
Email: info@theskyguys.ca
  The Sky Guys are leaders in UAV-enabled services and aerial technology. Using the most cutting-edge equipment, we help clients across all sectors save money, make money, market like never before and make data-driven decisions for big business growth. Our UAV School and Consulting services can help integrate any company - big or small - into the booming industry of UAVs. Contact us for exceptional service alongside a champion product.

unmanned systems canada logo spacer Unmanned Systems Canada - Ottawa
Website: www.unmannedsystems.ca

  Unmanned Systems Canada - the focal point for Unmanned Vehicle Systems in Canada. Founded in 2003 by a small group of entrepreneurs and visionaries, Unmanned Systems Canada is a Canadian-registered not-for-profit association representing the interests of the unmanned vehicle systems community. Our objectives are:

 • To represent the interests of the unmanned vehicle systems community which includes industry, academia, government, military, and other interested persons
 • To promote public awareness, education and appreciation for the Canadian unmanned vehicle systems community to itself, to Canadians and worldwide
 • To provide a single voice for the Canadian unmanned systems community
 • To promote and facilitate the growth of the Canadian unmanned vehicle systems community through education, advocacy, and exchange of ideas and technologies
 • To assist the Canadian unmanned vehicle systems community to achieve leadership in research, development, application, and operations.


draganfly innovations logo spacer Draganfly Innovations
Contact: 800.979.9794
Website: www.draganfly.com
Email: sales@draganfly.com
News: News & press releases
  From the very beginning, innovation was the driving force; and it's innovation that continues to drive the products, services, and support at Draganfly Innovations today. Zenon Dragan says, "I like to create things that haven't been done before", and that couldn't be more true with their first introduction of the radio controlled (RC) blimp, and most notably, the 1999 development of the RC quad rotor helicopter called the Draganflyer.
  Draganfly Innovations is a recognized technology and industry leader within the commercial UAV industry. Its devices have helped establish the commercial market and adoption of multi-rotor helicopters for aerial imaging and public safety.
  As a former X6 owner (2009-2012) and Draganfly customer I'd like to say Draganfly's customer support is second to none.
  July 23/15: "TRACE Live Networks, developer of The TRACEr1 - a visually intelligent camera capable of following its owner almost anywhere and live-streaming captured footage to the Internet - announced today, that it has acquired commercial sUAS (small Unmanned Aerial System) specialists, Draganfly Innovations Inc." The entire Draganfly Innovations development and engineering team, led by founder and President, Zenon Dragan, will remain in the current Saskatoon headquarters.

epic jib logo spacer EpicJib Aerial Media
Contact: Trevor (306.260.5762)
Website: www.epicjib.com
Email: info@epicjib.com
  We provide commercial UAV services with our Modified Blanket SFOC in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia and northern regions. We operate out of Saskatoon and offer low level aerial photography, videography, 360 aerial panoramas and mapping with our radio controlled UAV with the very latest in camera, camera gimbal, and flight controller technology.
  We operate under the strict guidelines set by Transport Canada and operate with a blanket SFOC in controlled and uncontrolled airspace, which allows us to operate within days of booking a job. We also have permission to operate our UAV's at night. We have a Certified UAV pilot with ROC-A radio license and we are fully insured.

shadow consulting logo spacer Shadow Consulting
Website: www.aerialimages.ca
  Shadow Consulting specializes in low-level aerial photography and can provide stills and video images through the use of a variety of cameras. Using the latest technology, we deploy a remote control helicopter as an aerial platform, integrated with live video feed to a wireless on-ground monitor so that images can be composed from the ground.


Photo Video Aerienne logo spacer PVA - Photo Video Aerienne
Contact: Martin (450.357.4850)
Website: www.photovideoaerienne.ca
Email: info@photovideoaerienne.ca
  The Photo Video Aerienne team is specialized in low-altitude aerial with drone to realizing videos offering unique perspectives and remarkable glances with annual autorisation.
  Chez Photo video aerienne, nous respectons les regles de vol emises par TC et nous nous assurons de toujours obtenir les autorisations COAS (Certificat d'operations aeriennes specialisees) de Transport Canada et NavCanada lors de nos operations professionnelles. Nous possedons aussi une police d'assurance (protection civile) de 2 000 000$ de protection civile ce qui nous protege et protege notre client en cas d'incident malencontreux.

vuduciel logo spacer VuDuCiel (Montreal)
Website: www.vuduciel.ca
Email: info@vuduciel.ca
  VuDuCiel is a professional aerial photography and stabilized videography service by drone serving the province of Quebec who offers affordable aerial imagery to the general public through competitive prices.

Additional Resources (blogs 'n more)

auvsi logo spacer Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International
Website: www.auvsi.org
  AUVSI is the world's largest nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to advancing the unmanned systems and robotics community. Serving more than 7,500 members from government organizations, industry and academia, AUVSI is committed to fostering, developing, and promoting unmanned systems and robotics technologies.

avcanada logo spacer AvCanada
Website: www.avcanada.com
Forums: AVCanada Forums
  AvCanada was founded in 1994 as a free resource to connect the Canadian aviation community. Their popular forums have established AvCanada as the busiest aviation resource in Canada.

cmroa logo spacer CMROA - Canadian Multi Rotors Operators Association
Website: CMROA on FaceBook
  Hello to all Multirotor Pros who are stepping up to the plate to make our business a safe and profitable venture! With the new regulations, the big hurdle for most pilots is the liability insurance. CMROA is now ready to start officially with our website, guidelines and insurance programs for all type of users! From a large community of user to a solid non-profit association with an open-source structure, we should be able to provide all the community with a solid knowledge base for safe flying in all conditions.

cuava logo spacer CUAVA - Canadian UAV Alliance
Website: www.cuava.ca
Email: info@cuava.ca
  The CUAVA is an informal group of UAV operators and associated providers working to bring professional level service & support to clients within Canada. Members of the alliance are certified and insured to work commercially following the regulations set out by Transport Canada.

diy drones logo spacer DIY Drones
Website: www.diydrones.com
  DIY Drones is a community based social networking platform. We are focused on non-commercial ("recreational") projects by amateurs, although pros are always welcome too. Reasons to make your own UAV range from a fun technical challenge, student contests, aerial photography and mapping (what we call "GeoCrawling"), and scientific sensing. We are primarily interested in civilian, not military, UAV uses here.
  Their UAV FAQs for Canada page is an overview of what they found when looking into the legalities of UAV use in Canada.

drone world logo spacer Drone World
Website: www.drone-world.com
Drone News: UAV Drone News
Email: sales@drone-world.com
Twitter: @DroneWorldTeam

dronegenuity logo spacer Dronegenuity
Website: www.dronegenuity.com
  Dronegenuity's Drone Tutorials & Training video series provides information and advice on Aerial Photography, Drone Video, and 3D Mapping, as well as tips and tricks from industry professionals.

hireuavpro logo spacer HireUAVpro - Hire a Drone Pilot
Website: www.hireuavpro.com
Twitter: @HireUAVpro
  HireUAVpro is the premier trusted source of professional drone operators, businesses, and pilots globally. We've worked extensively, providing 1,000's of clients drone solutions that have enriched their industry while saving costs.

my drone authority logo spacer My Drone Authority
Website: www.mydroneauthority.com

Check out their "Camera Drones: The Ultimate Buying Guide for Pilots in 2018". It's a massive 10,000-word guide for people interested in camera drones. They worked on it for over 40 hours in an attempt to make it one of the best guides on the web for budding aerial photographers and videographers.

Suggested Reading

suggested reading - aeronautical information manual spacer

Aeronautical Information Manual (TC-AIM)
  The Transport Canada Aeronautical Information Manual (TC-AIM) has been developed to consolidate pre-flight reference information of a lasting nature into a single primary document. It provides flight crews with a single source for information concerning rules of the air and procedures for aircraft operation in Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) of interest to pilots and is published twice a year in April and October. Available in electronic or printed format from Transport Canada. A complete catalog of Transport Canada publications and videos is available here.

Canada Flight Supplement (CFS)
  The Canada Flight Supplement is a joint civil/military publication. It contains information on Canadian and North Atlantic aerodromes and is used as a reference for the planning and safe conduct of air operations. Available from Nav Canada. It's tucked away on their website, this link may work otherwise follow these headings -> Aeronautical Information Products -> Aeronautical Publications -> Canada Flight Supplement (CFS).

suggested reading - from the ground up spacer From The Ground Up (Millennium Edition)
  From The Ground Up has long been considered an essential resource for all aviation enthusiasts, flight students-in-training, and established professional and recreational pilots. Millennium is the Canadian version, anything is else American and follows FAA rules (which are slightly different).
ISBN: 978-0-9680390-5-2. Available from Aviation Publishers.

Radio Operators Certificate
  Obtaining your Restricted Radio Operator's Licence (Aero) from Industry Canada will enable the operator to communicate directly with local airports, aerodromes and nearby aircraft. Further information is available on Industry Canada's website, look for the RIC-21 study guide.

Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC)
  The requirement for an SFOC is intended to ensure the safety of the public and protection of other users of the airspace during the operation of an unmanned aerial vehicle. Additional information on Canadian UAV / UAS regulations, Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARS) and SFOC requirements are available at Transport Canada's Civil Aviation website (see next section).

Transport Canada
  Transport Canada Civil Aviation is currently undergoing reorganization and as result Civil Aviation Branches are being restructured. Here are a few suggestions:
 • Flying a drone recreationally. Flying drones for the fun of flying.
 • Flying a drone or an unmanned air vehicle (UAV) for work or research. Using UAVs for work and research.
 • UAV Systems Program Design Working Group. This report will give you a look at some of the regulatory work going on behind the scenes.
 • Staff Instruction (SI) No. 623-001. Being familiar with Transport Canada's "Review and Processing of an Application for a Special Flight Operations Certificate for the Operation of an Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) System" requirements is very helpful when applying for a SFOC. SFOC application templates are included in the appendices (that's a huge improvement! I had to create my own in the "old days").
 • Updates on UAV regulations. Transport Canada is developing new regulations to address the growing popularity of UAVs.
 • Transport Canada's Knowledge Requirements for Pilots of Unmanned Air Vehicle Systems UAV 25 kg or less, Operating within Visual Line of Sight document will probably apply to most of the visitors to this website.

suggested reading - unmanned spacer Unmanned - Textbook for UAS studies
  Adapted from the award winning From The Ground Up, in association with the Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems, your understanding of the basics of operating unmanned aerial vehicles starts here.
ISBN: 978-0-9730036-6-6. Available from Aviation Publishers.

Hardware, Software & other interesting stuff

innervision enables logo spacer ImmerVision | The 360° Video Standard

  See Everything, Everywhere, at Anytime. We enable 360° panoramic functionality for any product and application through combining patented panomorph optics and viewing. Through combining 360° panomorph optics and viewing functionalities, ImmerVision Enables is the true 360° immersive experience. The logo is the mark of compatibility between any certified lens, product and software. ImmerVision Enables is the 360° standard for video and photography viewing.

pix4d enables logo spacer Pix4D Drone Mapping Software

  Software for professional drone-based mapping. Pix4Dmapper software automatically converts images taken by hand, by drone, or by plane, and delivers highly precise, georeferenced 2D maps and 3D models. They're customizable, timely, and compliment a wide range of applications and software.

Digital Camera Infrared (IR) Conversions

  Digital camera technology has revolutionized Infrared Photography by providing a means for the Amateur and Professional alike to create dramatic Infrared photos with relative ease. Spencer's Camera can convert your digital camera to Infrared by removing the internal Low-Pass Filter (Hot Filter) over the imaging sensor and replace it with an Infrared Filter, enabling you to capture infrared photos with your own camera. This allows you to see through the lens, frame your shot, and capture images just like a normal camera but with the dramatic results of infrared photography. Visit Spencers Camera for more info.

Odds 'n Ends....

  I became involved with UAV/UAS based aerial photography technology in August 2008. During the 3 year period following August 2008 I noticed the number of Canadian UAV aerial photography businesses seemed to take a nose dive. Many of the former UAV users have switched to tethered blimp technology or are offering "elevated photography" neither of which offer the flexibility of a UAV. Elevated photography involves a collapsible mast with a camera perched on top and is limited to about 15m-20m. The mast can be a free standing tripod arrangement secured with guy wires or more often it'll be supported by a vehicle trailer hitch.
  A common reason given for the switch away from UAV based systems at this time were the problems involved in dealing with Transport Canada and the high cost of insurance. Hopefully Transport Canada (& others) will smarten up, streamline the SFOC approval process and allow this industry to take-off. One UAV (photography) operator said his insurance rates sky-rocketed after the "9/11" incident forcing him to cease operations and sell his UAV equipment.
  Here's an interesting collection of worldwide UAS/UAV flight rules and regulations.

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