Canadian Rail Operating Rules
Signals & Interpretations

Standard Interpretation

Mode: Full Part Basic
Full-NB (no blacked out signals)

Signal Type:

"Kicker" Calculator

What are the maximum number of brake checks that should be required to find a kicker using a binary search method?

of railcars:

Max brake 


  At the suggestion of a friend I've rewritten my mobile app to work in a browser and made a few improvements.

  The upsides are easier maintenance and it's available to a wider audience. The downsides are that I'm no longer being paid for the app and you need to be online to use it.

  Would you like to make a donation? $5 CAD is the suggested amount, but you can change the amount to whatever you like.

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** If you'd like to get the Android version (for offline use) it's still available at Google Play. The Android version does not have the "Full-NB" option.